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Cheerwine Pound Cake Recipe

Cheerwine, born/created in Salisbury, North Carolina in 1917. It is a yummy cherry soda!

I made this Southern Cheerwine Bundt Cake and it is delicious!

Here is a great cake recipe using the soda that I found in Our State magazine.  Enjoy!

Cheerwine Pound Cake

Cheerwine pound cake might sound like a novelty, but it is a seriously good and proper pound cake, worthy of a place on a cake stand.

Source: Cheerwine Pound Cake | Our State

Women’s Clothing Made in the USA

I was so tired of buying my clothes that were imported from other countries.  So I began to search for clothing lines that make their products in America.

I came across Karen Kane , a clothing line (includes plus sizes and petites) with most of their items made in this country.

I’ve been so happy with the pieces I’ve purchased and will continue to buy from them, supporting a company that makes their stuff in the USA.

Thank You!

Use this link to Karen Kane for a discount off your first purchase.

If you know of any other made in America women’s clothing, please comment below.  I would love to hear them!