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Oliver, my African Grey Parrot

Oliver my African GreyOliver just turned 17 years old!  (Aug 2019) He's enjoying some birthday cheesecake.

Oliver was born in August 2002.  We've had him since he was a baby.  I picked him out before he had all of his feathers!  Oliver is really smart.  He picks up words, phrases and sentences so easily.  (So easy that we have to be careful of things we say around him.)  We had him DNA sexed so we know that he is a boy bird.  He mostly talks in my husband's voice.

Oliver's in biiiig trouble. Oliver broke the remote control button.

Oliver got a haircut at the pet store
Oliver looks nice

Oliver at the horse races... he's cheering on the horses.
Come on, go, go, go

Oliver Learns to Count
He's counting one, two, three
He ends with See ya' later

Look out for the cat!

Oliver imitates the Barred Owl. Listen to real sounds of the owl and then hear Oliver's version.

Oliver throwing and playing with his toys
Ooops. You dropped your toys. Whatcha doing Oliver. Oliver's getting famous today

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