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Queens Road West

This image was purchased by Hampton Inn & Suites Charlotte/South Park at Phillips Place. They have remodeled their rooms (124) and wanted some local artwork for their walls.

This photo is an image of Queens Road West in Myers Park during the fall season. The street has the prettiest canopy of Willow Oaks that are 100 years old. Unfortunately, the trees are getting close to the end of their life and one day these photos will be part of history.

Queens Road West in Myers Park

oak trees art for sale

Queen City Sweet Tooth Crawl

Need to curb a craving? We pulled together a list of some of the sweetest spots in the city to satisfy your inner treat lover. Don’t worry about the calorie intake—we have great weather, so you can take a run around town anytime to burn off the calories between trips to the dessert spots on your list. (That’s why they call it Little Sugar Creek Greenway, right? Because it’s just down the road from Elizabeth Creamery.) Make the Amelie’s French Connection Amelie’s French Bakery burst onto the Charlotte scene with its French food and eclectic store style only a few years ago. Now, it’s become a favorite spot for visitors and locals alike. It’s most famous for its salted caramel brownie, a tantalizing mix of sweet and salty with a secret ingredient we all wish we knew. But no one, not even the most loyal fan, has figured out what makes those brownies so addictive. Amelie’s also makes a variety of French macarons, petit-fours and layered tortes daily. Most recently, the bakery even

Source: Queen City Sweet Tooth Crawl | Charlotte’s got a blog