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Scenic and Nature

Photos of North Carolina scenery - Spring is here!!

Streams, creeks and flowing water

Ruff Butte Creek in the springtime

Ruff Butte Creek in the Spring

Old barn in the background near Ruff Butte creek

Mountain creek in the fall.  This creek is near our home in the mountains.

Here's the same creek in the fall.

Go to my streams and creeks SmugMug page for more photos.

White Dogwood Blooms - North Carolina State Flower

Spring Scenes in North Carolina

White Bradford Pear Tree Blooms

Pink & White Dogwoods in bloom

Purple Red Bud Tree Blooms

Tulips & Crocus

Redbud Tree Blooms

Redbud Tree with purple blooms

Spring Driveway with Pink Cherry Blooms

Beautiful driveway in spring with Cherry Trees in bloom

Pink Dogwood Blooms

White Dogwood Blooms - North Carolina State Flower

Pink and white dogwood blooms

Autumn Scenes

Scenery & Reflections

Streams & Creeks

Mountain and Country Winding Roads and Paths

Bradford Pear Trees in Bloom

Autumn Leaves

Bridge Reflections

Autumn Mountain Stream

Fall Country Road