McAdenville Christmas Lights

We visited Christmas Town USA last night and it was beautiful! When we were younger we would drive through the town to see the lights.  Now we enjoy getting out and walking the town to see all the Christmas light displays.  If you go right at sundown, you should be able to find a parking place fairly easy.  They have a new restaurant (Italian), we were going to eat there but it was pretty busy so we changed our minds.  The bakery is still there… doing good.

The major attraction is the small lake in the middle of the town.  All the trees are lighted and the reflections are just gorgeous.

This place is a must visit during Christmas!

McAdenville Christmas Lights

McAdenville Christmas Lights

Too see more McAdenville images and other Christmas photos, go to my FAA Christmas page. Thanks for looking!

Women’s Clothing Made in the USA

I was so tired of buying my clothes that were imported from other countries.  So I began to search for clothing lines that make their products in America.

I came across Karen Kane , a clothing line (includes plus sizes and petites) with most of their items made in this country.

I’ve been so happy with the pieces I’ve purchased and will continue to buy from them, supporting a company that makes their stuff in the USA.

Thank You!

Use this link to Karen Kane for a discount off your first purchase.

If you know of any other made in America women’s clothing, please comment below.  I would love to hear them!


Beach Towels

Beach Towel

Summer beach towels are a must for North Carolina beaches and pools. All of my photos can be purchased as beach towels.

They come in two different sizes:  Beach Towel 32 x 64, Beach Sheet 37 x 74 inches.  (I also have round beach towels.  Now that’s something different!)

The towels are soft and made from brushed microfiber with a 100% cotton back for extra absorption.  The top of the towel has the image printed and the back is white.