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February 8, 2014

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Oliver, our African Grey

Oliver is my African Grey Parrot and people love to listen to him talk. He's 11 years old now, in August 2013. "Like" his Facebook page! Thanks for visiting!

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We hope you enjoy and please bookmark us. I try to get new videos done when I can.

Got your foot, got your tail. What are you doing? (Blowing kisses)

Get a shower, We're going go to the pool and see mama

Take a nap, tired, Jim's a sleepyhead, cold in here huh, time to go night night, give me a hug, go upstairs and help mama

Oliver in the mountains, out on the deck enjoying being outside.

Raining outside.... oooooo, hear the thunder?? It's OK Oliver. (Thunderstorm outside)

Hear the Thunder, see the rain outside, see the water.

"See the Christmas Tree?? Merry Christmas, Ho Ho Ho"

Oliver's Christmas Message

"They won't let Oliver come to Myrtle Beach."

It's hard finding a hotel at the beach that will take pets. They just don't know Oliver!

"Oliver's in Biiiigg Trouble"

"Give me a hug, Good night Oliver, See ya in the morning, dropped your toy, up up, come here baby."

"You've got something on your face. Oliver's a good boy, Whatcha doing little buddy, Oliver eat his supper"

Oliver on You Tube. Subscribe to his channel.