Flag Day

Today is Flag Day.

American Flag Background

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This is from the History website….

On June 14, 1877, the first Flag Day observance was held on the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the Stars and Stripes. As instructed by Congress, the U.S. flag was flown from all public buildings across the country. In the years after the first Flag Day, several states continued to observe the anniversary, and in 1949 Congress officially designated June 14 as Flag Day, a national day of observance.


Charlotte Skyscrapers: A City on the Rise

This is an interesting article on the Charlotte skyscrapers. Here’s the first part… Click on the link below for the entire article.

“There’s no questioning Charlotte’s prominence as a New South city and one of the fastest-growing urban hubs between Atlanta and New York City.

Fueled by the boom in economic development and jobs in financial services, banking, technology and retail since the late 1980s, the city’s physical landscape—especially Uptown’s majestic skyline—has been reshaped to better accommodate the area where a growing number of people live, work and play.

Dozens of Queen City skyscrapers boast world-class public art, convenient amenities (free Wi-Fi anyone?), shopping, entertainment and some of the city’s best eateries. What’s more, many of them also provide seldom-seen glimpses into Charlotte’s fascinating past.

With offerings and background stories that far exceed their business purposes, these seven Center City greats tower above the competition.”

Source: Charlotte Skyscrapers: A City on the Rise | Charlotte NC Travel & Tourism