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Barred Owl Cam

Do you like watching bird cams??  Well, Cornell Lab of Ornithology has some great nesting cameras.  I just started watching the Barred Owl Cam.  She’s got three eggs.

For the second year in a row, the female laid her first egg on March 5; if all goes well, they can expect the owlets to start hatching between April 5 – 10. They’ll leave the nest four to five weeks after hatching.

Here is some info from their site:

“Jim Carpenter, President and CEO of Wild Birds Unlimited, has hosted a camera-equipped owl box in his wooded backyard in Zionsville, Indiana, since 1999. Set more than 30 feet high against the trunk of a pignut hickory tree, this Barred Owl box was first occupied in 2006. Since then, the box has hosted several nests, including successful attempts since 2013.”

This video is showing the owl and her egg.

This video is the female barred owl hooting back to her mate. So cool sounding!

A few years ago, I spotted this mother and baby barred owl in the woods right beside our house. What fun it was to watch these two! I was able to get a few good shots before they moved on. We still have them hooting in the woods and I still look for the owlets sometime in April. Maybe this year I can spot some more. You can see all of my owl photos at Fine Art America.

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InMotion Hosting

For years I hosted my website with Yahoo, didn’t have any issues.  Then gradually I started losing support from them on everything.

I used Dreamweaver and had to start uploading my web pages using ftp instead of through the program.  Then they stopped supporting the Dreamweaver version I used.  I couldn’t update my website at all!

I then decided it was time for me to walk away from Dreamweaver and embrace WordPress.  I use WordPress for other sites I built and maintain so this was not something new.  It would just take a lot of time.

I install WordPress and go to recreating my website and find out that Yahoo! does not allow .htaccess.   What??!!

That’s when I gave up and started my search for another web hosting company.  After days of researching and comparing, I decided to go with InMotion Hosting.  Their customer service is incredible!  I was helped with my domain transfer, transferred my own website files and transferred my emails.  They have endless articles and instructions and if you need help, just start the chat and someone gets to you right away.

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