We’re expecting around 6 inches. I also hear some sleet mixed in with the snow. Expecting this through Thursday so we’ll see what the total will be.

3:30 pm and it’s starting to sleet. I hope that doesn’t last long…..

Snowing in Charlotte

Snowing in Charlotte

Snow on Colony Road

Snow on Colony Road

It’s going to be a snowy week in North Carolina! Finally! Being born and raised here, we really don’t see much snow, so when it does snow, it is a party at my house. We’ve already been to the grocery store and stocked up on food. The stores are crazy busy. Now, we’re ready to play and enjoy.

I hope to be getting some really good photos, so check back!

Wintery scene in blue tones

5:00 p.m. Snow was pretty wet today so it didn’t really stick on the roads and sidewalks. Expecting a lot more tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving - Pumpkin patch and haystacks (two photo effect, background blurry)

Pumpkins and haystacks… a sure sign of autumn

If you’re ever near this place, you should take the time to visit. It’s a bald mountain near the Tennessee border, north of Waynesville.

This is a view from Max Patch Road.

View of the mountains from Max Patch Road

The dogwoods are in full bloom right now. I just wish it lasted longer! Enjoy!

White Dogwood Blooms - North Carolina State Flower