Here’s a beautiful horse… ready for the show!

Beautiful Rocky Mountain Horse

Here’s the statue of Secretariat at the horse park. Can’t wait to see the movie!

Secretariat Statue at the Kentucky Horse Park

At the Kentucky Horse Park.

Horse statue at the Kentucky Horse Park

This is the entrance to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. It’s home to the World Equestrian Games being held September 25th through October 10th. “America’s largest equine spectator sporting event in 2010.” These are the first games to be held on American soil!

Entrance to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington

Go Panthers!

Carolina Panthers Stadium - Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC

New Bern is celebrating 300 years as a city! The 2nd oldest town in NC.

Here is the Tryon House in New Bern.

Celebrating 300 Years of History1710 - 2010Tryon Palace House - Back Lawn toward the Water

Hopefully, the island won’t see much damage from Hurricane Earl! Great place to visit!

Ocracoke Lighthouse - Trees and fence in foreground